Roped Into It: Part 2 of 2

The ladies take advantage of their willing captive.

Lynn left and came back with a warm, wet washcloth and began to clean the remnants of my orgasm and their saliva from my skin. She has a soft touch and I relaxed under her gentle care. She bathed me thoroughly, returning to the bathroom a couple of times to rinse out and refresh the cloth.

To my amazement, she even skinned back my foreskin to clean beneath it, much as I do myself when performing personal hygiene. I chuckled. “You’re good at this; it’s almost as if you have one of those yourself.”

She smiled as she continued working. “I do, don’t I? I have this one right here.”

“Yes, you do. You do seem to know what you’re doing.”

“It’s not rocket science; a clean cock is a happy cock – and, more importantly, makes for a happy girlfriend.”

I laughed. “Good point. I’m kind of surprised you let Tori share and join in so easily; I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Neither was I! I had no way of knowing that she would come bursting in like that, but once she did she’d pretty much seen all there was to see. Letting her join in wasn’t much of a stretch from there.”

“I suppose. That sure was embarrassing for the first few minutes, though, lying there naked and immobile.”

“Tori enjoyed it, and I suspect you did too. Besides, you have nothing to be embarrassed about; you’re a pretty sexy specimen.”

“Thanks, I think.” I watched her for several seconds as she focused on getting me clean. “You sure you’re okay with this? With her touching me and everything?”

She paused and looked at me. “It’s just fun and games, right? It wasn’t anything we planned, but you’re enjoying it, I assume, and I’m having fun.”

“It’s a little awkward. You’re having fun, you’re sure?”

“Oh yes, and it’s making me very horny; you wouldn’t believe how wet my panties are.”

I hadn’t considered that aspect, and that knowledge sent a tingle of arousal straight to my balls. “I like that idea, babe.”

“Tori’s the same; I guarantee you that she’s dripping.”

Hmm, double-tingles! Two horny, beautiful women, wet pussies and all, messing with me and my junk; this situation was starting to look like it had possibilities after all! “As long as you’re sure you’re okay with it; I just don’t want to do anything we’re going to regret later.”

She merely laughed. “Should I take that to mean that you’re fine with the situation?”

I equivocated, but only slightly. “Well, Tori wouldn’t have been my first choice for a threesome, and I probably never envisioned myself tied up and naked while the two women were still dressed, but otherwise, yeah; hog heaven, babe.”

She laughed again. “Appropriate, since you’re a pig! You, my love, are a man slut.”

“Hey, this was not my idea!”

“Mmm, no, that’s true.” She had finished cleaning my dick and now held it in her hands, thick and flaccid as it drooped to the side. “You know, when you’re hard this would make a good horseshoes stake.”

“Yeah, let’s not go there.”

“No, obviously, but if we had some plastic rings or some embroidery hoops or something we could play ring-toss.”

“You’re so funny! Maybe you could get that on YouTube.”

“Probably not. Besides, I have an idea for a better game that Tori and I can play with your parts.”

“Gotta tell ya, that idea makes my testicles draw up.”

She looked, then giggled. “Not that I can tell! Besides, you’re going to love it. I promise.”

Tori walked back in just then, carrying three beers by the necks of the bottles. “What’s he going to love?”

“The game I have planned.” She took one of the ice-cold bottles from Tori and held it where the cold condensation could drip on my bare chest, causing me to wriggle and wince before she carefully tilted it to my lips, her other hand beneath my head helping to raise it enough to for me to drink. I took a long swig, draining almost a third of the bottle.

Tori plunked down on the bed alongside me, making the bed bounce and the ropes tug at my extremities. “Tell me!”

Lynn smiled. “We… are going to have a blow-off!”

Tori frowned. “I think I know where you’re going with this, but go ahead and ‘splain it, okay?”

Lynn laughed. “A blowjob contest, you against me. Tim will be the captive subject, obviously. We’ll take turns sucking him, for, say… thirty seconds each, and whichever one of us makes him come is the winner.”

Tori looked dubious. “Uh-huh. And what do we win except a mouthful of Tim-juice?”

“Oh, the prize is the best part! If you win, you get to keep the mouthful of cum, if you want, but you also get to pick your spot for round three, when one of us will be riding his cock while the other rides his face.”

I laughed. “I like the sound of this game a lot better than I thought I would. And I’m suddenly much more optimistic about things, at least through the first three rounds; you two getting naked will definitely help things along.”

I could feel myself beginning to get hard again just thinking about what they were planning. Both girls’ eyes moved to my groin for a few seconds, watching me thicken and pulse, but then Lynn’s eyes narrowed.

“You’re entirely too eager to see Tori naked. I think we’ll stay dressed for the blow-off game, and for round three you’ll be blindfolded.” She held up the long strip of cloth we’d used as a blindfold on her when she’d been the one tied down.

“Oh, come on! You know how much I like to watch.”

“You can watch us suck your dick, but once you come we blindfold you.”

Tori took the blindfold from Lynn. “This would work as a gag too, you know; we could use it to shut him up so he’d quit whining.”

Lynn appeared to consider it. “I don’t know…”

I didn’t like the sound of that at all! “Okay, I promise to be quiet. Well, mostly; I may moan and groan a little – plus, it would make it hard to finish my beer if you do that.”

To my surprise, Tori grabbed my beer and held it to my lips so I could take another pull on it. She relented – slightly – as I took a drink. “Okay, we’ll let it go for now, but I swear, the next time you say something mean…!”

I made a mental note to watch my mouth; not always an easy task, considering the speed at which it sometimes moves. “I promise.”

She tossed the blindfold aside and turned slightly to look at my cock. “I’ve never sucked an uncut one before either – obviously, since I’ve never seen a real live one!” She looked at Lynn. “Is it very different?”

Lynn shrugged. “Not too much, no. I think it feels sexy, and I sorta like to play with it with my tongue, so I like it; but then I just like sucking cocks. You always say you do too.”

“I do. God, I am so wet right now!”

Her confirmation of Lynn’s suspicions sent a thrill through me. For Tori to announce that she was also horny, her pussy wet, was oddly arousing. As my cock continued to slowly fill and grow, they took a time-out to establish the ground rules of the game.

Lynn said, “Okay, I’m thinking thirty seconds each. You can time me and I’ll time you and we’ll keep trading off until he comes.”

Tori nodded. “Hands or no hands?”

“Hands, for sure!”

“Nipple play?”

“His, or ours?” laughed Lynn.

“Either, but I meant his.”

“Sure, why not?”

“How about balls play?”

Lynn laughed. “Absolutely! I don’t even know how to give a blowjob without following the bouncing balls.”

Tori giggled. “Good, me too. I do love to jiggle and suck a nice big set of balls. Hmmm, how about ass play?”

I looked at Lynn, wondering what she’d say; she knows very well that I’m quite susceptible to the right touch in the right spot at the right moment. It would be a little embarrassing to have her reveal how much I enjoyed a nice bit of anal play… so, of course, she did.

She thought about it for a moment before saying, “He loves to have his ass played with; it might end the contest before it even begins.”

Tori looked at me, her eyebrows raised. “Really? So Timmy loves it up the ass? I would not have guessed that!”

I shook my head. “That’s your ass you’re thinking of, Tori – you know, when you’re entertaining the troops. I just enjoy a little tickle and poke with a finger once in awhile.”

She grinned evilly. “I could go get my strap-on and we could test that theory. It’s about your size or a little bigger. You might just enjoy it!”

Lynn was frowning at her. “You have a strap-on? Why?”

“Long story; I’ll tell you sometime. I say next time we tie him face-down, get a fresh bottle of lube, and we take turns wearing that ass out!”

Next time? Who the fuck ever said there’d be a next time! I objected, of course, but Tori’s threats had sent a strong tingle of arousal through me. I had no idea that she could be so graphic and so kinky, and despite my objections, they could both see that I had a raging, throbbing hardon. Her suggestion was a bit extreme, and the thought of her wielding something like that on me more than a little frightening, but I couldn’t hide what it had done to me.

Lynn was kind enough to point it out, in case anyone had failed to see the flagpole jutting up from my crotch. She reached out and wrapped her hand around the middle of my shaft. “You don’t seem to be too put off by that idea, lover boy.” She giggled. “You’re hard as a rock! I should have known, the way you love my fingers up there stroking your mushy bits!”

Tori laughed again. “Yeah, very kinky, Timmy boy. You know, if you’ll be my bitch and let me fuck your ass, we might just get along after all. The way you’re so horny laying there naked with both of us still dressed, I sorta think you’re digging this whole femdom scene, princess.”

“Yeah, right; tell you what, let me fuck your ass first and then we can talk. Although knowing you, you’d probably love it.”

I got that evil smile again. “You’re right; I do. I’ve never had anyone your size, but it’s doable. If it’s okay with Lynn you just bought yourself a serious ass-fucking, boy – and remember, mine is at least as big as yours!”

“Hey! I said we’d talk, I didn’t say we had a deal.”

Lynn was smiling broadly, enjoying this far too much! “Didn’t expect her to call your bluff, did you? And yes, it’s fine with me if I get to watch and play too. You can eat my pussy while she takes your ass cherry, sort of take your mind off getting your butt reamed. For now, though, I’d say yes, a little ass-play, but not until either of us is on our third turn, and then only tickles, no fingers inside.”

Tori frowned. “Not even a little? How about just to the first knuckle, but no prostate tickles?”

“Hey, it’s my ass, don’t I get a vote?”

Lynn said, “Hush! You’re just the game, not a player, so no, you don’t.” She considered Tori’s proposal before saying, “Okay then, just a little bit in, but no stroking his prostate; he likes that w-a-a-a-y too much. You do that and it’s all over – figuratively and literally!”

They both giggled as I blushed; she wasn’t exaggerating very much, I’m embarrassed to admit! Tori asked, “Who goes first?”

Lynn thought for a moment. “Wait, I know!” She grabbed my cock around the base, her fingers not fully encircling me, and said, “Upper hand, like kids do in baseball.”

I realized what she meant a second before Tori did, but she quickly figured it out and grabbed my cock just above Lynn’s hand. Lynn wrapped her other hand just above that, which left pretty much just the head exposed.

Tori crowed as she wrapped her tiny hand around the head of my cock… and promptly slid off, losing her grip on a handful of loose, slippery foreskin, heavily slathered in a slick of the precum I was copiously leaking. That brought a new outburst of giggles before she regained her grip and declared herself the winner. After that, she wasted no time, and as soon as Lynn had relinquished her grip Tori slid her hand down, peeling my foreskin back in the process as she inhaled the upper part of my cock into her warm, wet mouth.

It felt amazing, but her sudden assault also caught me off guard and I gasped and arched my back as she took me halfway down her throat.

Lynn cried out, “Wait, I’m not timing you yet!” as she scrambled to the nightstand for my watch, but Tori had no intention of waiting: instead, she seemed focused on winning, which surprised me. I’d had no idea she was so competitive, but by about her third or fourth slide down my cock she had taken me all the way down and had her lips wrapped around the thick base of my shaft, my entire length engulfed snugly in her mouth and throat.

I’d never had anyone do that to me before, wouldn’t have thought it possible by anyone outside of maybe some well-practiced porn star or some such, much less by anyone of Tori’s petite size! She seemed unfazed by my size, however, and continued to run her lips up and down my full length for several more incredible trips down her gullet before Lynn called time. In a sense, I was saved by the bell, because much more of that would have had me squirting and spraying like a Water Wiggle. While it would have felt amazing to just let go and come, I knew I’d never have escaped the label of Half-Minute Man.

The momentary break as Lynn turned the watch over to Tori and took control of my cock instead gave me just enough of a respite to regain control, and then Lynn’s touch and style were just enough different that I was able to back up a square or two before the arousal began to soar again.

I’d never had two women do anything like this to me before. I mean, yes, I’ve had more than two women suck my cock, but never at the same time, or even in the same day (or week, to the best of my recollection) where I could remember enough specifics to contrast their respective oral stylings.

In contrast to Tori’s enthusiastic and aggressive assault, Lynn’s method, which I knew well, was to make love to my penis. She’d never been successful at taking more than three or four inches, perhaps had never truly tried, but it didn’t matter because the things she did with her tongue were so exquisite that she would have me moaning and writhing the entire time.

This time was no different, as her warm lips suctioned onto me while her tongue stroked here, prodded there, slipped slightly into that and circled teasingly below the rim of the other. Her fingers were also busy, one set rubbing across my nipples as the other cupped my balls and found all the very best spots to touch. The differences between their methods were stark, but somehow both were incredibly pleasurable.

I could feel myself approaching a boil once again, the pressurized tingling in my groin intense and growing when Tori called time and handed the watch back to Lynn as Lynn relinquished my penis to her. And so it went, each of them pushing me up the hill before being called to a halt and handing off to the other as I slipped back a few paces, only to once again be pushed to the precipice.

I don’t know if the thirty-second window was something they were aware of ahead of time or not, but it proved to be a diabolical thing, just long enough to allow me to see the summit but never quite enough to crest it. Much like the ninety feet between bases in baseball is the perfect distance for many close plays, this was the perfect time span for many close calls of another variety.

Surprisingly, they both honored the agreement to not take advantage of me anally on their first three turns, but as Lynn finished her ninetieth second of making oral love to my cock Tori called, “Okay, that’s it! No holes barred!”

I’m pretty sure it’s ‘no holds barred’, a wrestling term, but as she swallowed my erection, squeezed my balls, and shoved her finger up my ass all at once I was too busy swearing, groaning, and arching to correct her. I was wet back there with sweat, a bit of wayward semen, and their saliva, and she’d thoughtfully wet her finger prior to her sudden assault, but she jammed it in way past the first knuckle, like maybe she was trying to find my uvula via the scenic route.

I think her finger also mistook my sensitive gland for that mini-speed bag, and she began poking it in a relentless rhythm: I was sure I wasn’t going to survive thirty seconds of this without doing my best Mt. Vesuvius impression. Luckily, Lynn realized, by my sounds and my writhing, that Tori was cheating and called her off just in time. Still, I think I may have spilled a bit of cum down her throat, judging by the way she licked her lips as she let me slide free.

Lynn resumed her much more artistic form of fellatio, her fingers playing my cock, balls, and asshole with the dexterity of a skilled clarinetist as she focused on what she knew to be my most sensitive spots. I wanted her to win, I think, though I was also very curious about Tori: the thing was, no matter who won I had no way to know if they’d choose to ride my cock or my mouth. Either way, two at once was going to be a first for me, just as every step of this adventure had been since the moment Lynn had tied me down.

Lynn played by the rules, never more than an inch of her finger up my bum, but that inch contains a buttload (if you’ll pardon the expression…) of nerve endings, and she found them all. Between that and her lips and tongue working hungrily at the head of my cock, I was locked and loaded when she passed me back to Tori.

When that little vixen licked her way all the way up my length before once again taking me down her throat – again snaking a probing finger far too deeply into my ass – that was all she wrote. We had liftoff, and I groaned and bucked upwards, thrusting my cock as deep as possible as I spurted helplessly down her throat.

Astonishingly, she didn’t bail out on me. She squeezed her eyes closed and held me by the nuts as I pumped merrily into her willing gullet, never once choking, gagging or coughing as I spilled what felt like a huge bolus of cum into her tummy. With full stimulation and an eager recipient, this climax was a much-needed release of my pent-up energies, far exceeding the partly-ruined airgasm they’d tricked me into the first time.

Lynn was watching, grinning, as Tori kept her lips locked around the base of my cock. She knew I was coming – anyone within a hundred yards probably did – and I think she was as impressed by her friend’s oral talents as I was. I noticed that she was not just standing idly by, watching; instead, one hand was pinching her nipples as the other stroked her pussy through her thin knit shorts. I had no doubt that she was dripping; Lynn totally gets off on sucking a hard cock.

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and Tori, rather selfishly, I thought, required air. She slowly let my hyper-sensitive cock slide up from her throat and out of her wet lips as she gasped for breath… just in time to burp heartily. That brought a laugh from me and giggles from them, but it didn’t distract Tori from her quest.

She’d won the contest and had every intention of claiming her prize, right there and then! It immediately became obvious which she’d chosen – and that she had no panties on under her short skirt (the slut!) – as she straddled me and, holding my still-hard cock upright, lowered herself onto me. She was hot and slick with arousal, well-lubed for entry, but she was also incredibly tight.

She moaned and shuddered as she slowly took me, inch by inch. “Fuck, Tim, that’s big! I can’t believe how thick you feel in me.”

“Yeah, you’re pretty fucking tight.”

“Go slow, okay?”

“I’m just laying here, Tori; you go as slow as you want, but I’ll remind you I just came, so you may lose me.”

Lynn laughed at my warning. “I’ll bet she doesn’t. You’re such a horndog most of the time anyway; I think you can keep it up.”

“Maybe… more likely if you guys would show me some tits or something.”

Tori reached behind her and squeezed my balls. “First, we’re not ‘guys’, and second, if your cock in my pussy isn’t enough, how’s this?” She stripped off her little top, freeing perhaps the nicest set of big, firm tits I’ve ever seen. Full and high, with just a bit of jiggle, they were large by any measure and looked huge on her tiny frame.

I’m not usually a big-boob kind of guy, preferring nice, firm handful size or even slightly flatter, more boyish figures like Lynn’s – provided they had pert, responsive nipples. Tori’s breasts, however, might have made a convert of me. Perfectly rounded teardrops of flawless woman-flesh, she had hard, rosy, nickel-sized nipples jutting out of silver dollar sized areola just a tiny bit less rosy than her fat nipples.

I drank in the sight of her man-catchers for just a moment, my mouth starting to water before Lynn called a halt to my enjoyment.

“Wait, no you don’t! You get blindfolded for this part, remember?”

“Oh, come on, babe! How often does a guy get to enjoy a pair of melons like that? Give me a break.”

She grabbed the blindfold and kneeled near my shoulder. “Nope, that wasn’t part of the game. No visuals for you; you’ll have to rely on your other senses.”

“But my hands are tied, I can’t touch you!”

“Your dilemma; you’ll think of something.”

As Lynn harassed me, Tori had slowly been working more and more of my cock into her tight pussy, which had involved a fair bit of moaning and tit-jiggling. Much to my surprise, the feel of her tight heat around me, her sounds, and those big boobs were combining to keep me very hard. Enjoying that, I tried for a compromise with Lynn.

“You get naked too, let me see your tits, and then you can blindfold me.”

“Do I need to remind you that you’re totally helpless? I can blindfold you – or anything else I want to do – whenever I feel like it.”

She was right, of course; I’d been hoping she wouldn’t call my bluff. “Well yeah, but still. Come on, show me some tits!”

“Jeez, Tim! Well okay, just to stop your whining, but then, lights out.” She quickly stripped out of her clothes, tossing them aside.

I love Lynn’s body and can never get enough of looking at it; long and sleek, it looks designed to cut through water like a dolphin, her breasts low, smoothly-sculpted mounds above the twin vertical ridges of her taut abs, and her ass and legs firm and strong, each line of her toned muscles well-defined. She has wide shoulders above the perfect ‘V’ of her long torso, and when she moves it’s with the graceful, coiled tension of a big cat stalking its prey.

Her nipples are a much darker rose than Tori’s, smaller diameter hard, cabernet nubs on her smaller areola, but they were rigidly erect and jutting out at least as much as her friend’s. The two were a total contrast, Tori, tiny, tan, and voluptuous, and Lynn, taller and trim, naturally olive-skinned and taut. She keeps her pussy trimmed close but not shaved, just enough dark, soft, downy curls to tickle my nose when I’m in the vicinity; I hadn’t seen Tori’s pussy, since she still had her tiny skirt on, but my sense from the feel of it and from knowing what a cock-tease she is, was that she kept it smooth.

Though very different, each looked like a playground a man could spend a lifetime enjoying, and I had both – or, more accurately, they had me. It was intensely frustrating to not be able to get my hands and lips on them, but still, I wasn’t about to look this gift horse in the mouth.

Lynn let me enjoy her body for a few seconds, running her hands up her ribs to cup her breasts and tug at her own hard nipples, and then set about blindfolding me. As soon as she had the strip of fabric looped around my head and tied firmly, shutting off all light, I felt the bed sink on one side of my head, and then the other as she kneeled over my face and lowered her hot, horny pussy to my lips.

She was slick with need, fragrant with her own sweet scent of arousal, her clit erect between hot, puffy labia. My tongue slid eagerly between those soft pink curtains as she moved her hips, and I groaned with pleasure at the sensation of her perfect pussy gliding against my lips. Of its own accord, my body responded, hips thrusting upward in arousal, and I felt Tori’s little ass crush against my balls as I jammed the last, thick, remaining inch of my cock into her.

She cried out, swearing at me; she hadn’t been ready for that, but I hadn’t done it on purpose! “Ohhh, fuck, Tim! God, take it easy! That’s a little too much of a good thing for me.”

I apologized, saying, “Mmmff urf mumm,” the best I could do with Lynn’s pussy covering my mouth.

She seemed to accept it, and I heard her laugh. “God! I had an easier time taking this thing down my throat than I am stuffing it in my pussy! He’s almost too fucking big.”

Lynn giggled. “No such thing! We can trade places if you’d rather I took care of that.”

“Never mind! It’s feeling better and better every second I’m on it. I can’t believe you kept this to yourself when I was right here in the same apartment; I thought we were friends.” She bounced on me a couple of times to demonstrate the fact that she was adapting well. “The least you could have done was show it to me.”

Lynn replied, “I figured once you got a look at it, I’d never get you off him.”

“You may be right about that. We are going to share this going forward, right?”

Curious to see where this conversation might lead, I didn’t butt in; besides, as I’d shown, I was really not at my most articulate with a mouthful of pussy.

As Lynn continued to rub her wet sex into my face, she responded, “Maybe. That will be up to Tim, I guess, because as much fun as this is, we can’t keep him tied up as our sex slave forever.”

“Why not? I don’t think he’d object too much.”

At that moment in time, and maybe for the first time ever, I was actually on Tori’s side. It didn’t sound half bad to me!

Lynn, ever the pragmatic one, had thought of the pitfalls. “Meals, bathroom needs, showers – and he has to go to work on Monday, just for starters.”

Tori was taking all of me quite enthusiastically now, bouncing on my cock and grinding her ass into my groin as she did hip-thrusts, moving my hard shaft inside of her. She was also still fondling and squeezing my balls behind her back, one of her curious fingers venturing into my abused ass from time to time. If this were my first round of the day it would have ended by now; since it was ostensibly my third, I was still plugging confidently along.

Tori’s actions were becoming less fluid and more marionette-like, leading me to believe (though I knew none of her tells) that she was rising toward orgasm. Still, she tried to counter Lynn’s common sense. “We can give him sponge baths, feed him, and bring him drinks, and he’s a guy; he can pee in a bottle. It just seems such a shame to let him go when this works so well.”

Lynn moaned as I thrust my tongue into her steaming pussy. “Mmm, oh yes, like that. God!” She pressed down, almost smothering me as she responded. “Yeah, with a helping hand he can pee in a bottle, but you’re conveniently ignoring one other significant problem.”

Tori sighed and then came, staying fully impaled on my cock as she ground her hips into me. Other than some moaning and a couple of “Oh, Gods!”, she was blessedly silent through her orgasm. As her pussy clamped and spasmed on my cock I wondered if it might be possible to keep her silent in a perpetual state of blissful (for me) orgasm.

Too soon, though, she caught her breath, and then she was talking again. “I know, we’d have to let him up to go to the john. Still, a girl can dream, can’t she?”

“Mmm, yeah, that’s it! Lick right there, baby.” I could feel Lynn shuddering, approaching her own climax. “I think Tim will let us tie him up again sometime; this hasn’t worked out badly for him at all, I don’t think. Am I right, lover boy?”

She asked, but didn’t raise up to let me reply, so I nodded, eager and agreeable. That may have been her clever plan all along because with my nose pressed against her clit and my tongue inside of her, my nod pushed her over the edge and she came. I cooperated by continuing to rub my nose on her sensitive little nubbin and her thighs clamped onto my head as her hand seized a fistful of my hair; my tongue in her pussy, she flooded my mouth and I lapped it up like a kitten with a bowl of cream.

After that it became a blur; I felt fingers between my pubic bone and Tori’s pussy – Lynn’s fingers, I’m pretty sure, frigging her diminutive blonde roommate to another orgasm. Lynn lifted off of me and reversed field so that her little rosebud was being prodded by the tip of my nose and leaned forward above me, thrusting her clit into my mouth; I sucked at it even as I heard similar sucking and slurping sounds from them.

I think they were either swapping spit or sucking each other’s nipples, and I would have given my left nut to watch them… well, loaned it, at least, provided I took a large cash deposit. They both came again, several times, and I stopped trying to keep track. I’d always loved that Lynn is so powerfully multi-orgasmic, and the fact that Tori seemed to be as well was the cherry on my sundae.

With Lynn on my face, Tori vigorously riding my cock, her fingers on my balls and up my ass and visions of them doing each other dancing in my head, my fleshy little pot of gonads reached a boil and I was coming. To my credit, I tried to warn her, just in case, but it came out more as, “Agffurmfin!” and then I was blasting a huge load of cream into Tori’s depths and I didn’t care anymore.

Fortunately, she didn’t seem to care either and took it eagerly, coming as my cock flexed and pumped inside of her. It was intense for me, with the strangeness of her riding me and the way she felt adding to my pleasure, and it seemed equally intense for her. Our noisy climax seemed to push Lynn to another powerful orgasm as well and she cried out as she continued to grind her pussy against my eager tongue.

I was too soon done, my orgasm more of a sudden event while theirs were more like a journey, but I think for all of us, getting there had been most of the fun. As they each came slowly off the peak of their climax, Lynn slid off my face and stretched out alongside me, her head on my shoulder, then reached up and untied my blindfold and pulled it free. Tori simply collapsed forward onto my chest, her big tits pressed against my upper abdomen and my cock still inside of her as cum trickled out around it and onto my balls. It would get soft and bendy and slip out of its own accord soon enough, I knew, but for now it felt pretty damn happy right where it was, in her warm, wet sheath.

Lynn on my right shoulder, breathing deeply and cuddled to my side, felt very natural; it felt odd to have Tori so happily snuggled into my chest, however, the two of us having shared such a long, strong, mutual dislike. Still, it was nice, her beautiful long blond hair draped across my ribs as she too went limp with exhaustion.

I get a little mushy after sex, tending to let my guard down and show my emotions more easily. Accordingly, it seemed like a perfect situation for putting an arm around each of them and pulling them to me in a three-way cuddle so that we could all share in the afterglow. It might even have broken down some walls with Tori that mere sucking and fucking hadn’t, but the ropes tying my wrists to the bedposts prevented me from following through on the thought.

As I’d known it would, my softening cock soon slithered out of Tori in a gush of cum. I gasped at the sensation of it being forced out of her tight heat, but she started, twitching sharply against my chest.

“Mmm, god! That big cock felt so good inside of me, and now I feel so relaxed and you know, used, all loose and messy,” she giggled.

“Yeah, I came in you. Sorry, but I tried to warn you.”

“I know, I felt it. It felt good, your cock so huge and hard and pulsing like that as you came. It’s fine, Tim; I love the way that feels, and I’d have pulled away if I was worried about it.” She slid off my chest and curled into my other side, opposite Lynn. “Fuck, it’s been a very long time since I came like that!”

“Yeah, it was great. You were both pretty amazing, and, uh, did I feel and hear you two going at it a little while I was indisposed?”

Lynn laughed. “We’ll never tell, but you go ahead and fantasize about whatever you like; you’ll need the inspiration since you still owe me one.” She slid her hand down and cupped my balls while Tori reached down and wrapped her tiny hand around the slippery, hidden head of my dick, sighing happily.

I think we all dozed off briefly, perhaps for as long as half an hour, but I awoke as I felt Lynn pull away and sit up on the edge of the bed. I looked at her. “You okay?”

“Yeah, just thirsty – and I need to pee.”

“Yeah, me too on both of those. Babe, you’re going to need to untie me.”

“I can bring you something to drink.”

“Great, but that’s only half of the equation.”

She smiled. “We’ll think of something.”

I laughed incredulously. “Oh, come on! Just untie me before we both become very unhappy about what’s about to happen to this bed.”

We’d woken up Tori, and she had an idea for a solution to the problem; she bent my dick double and used both hands to hold it that way. “There, problem solved. Now you can’t go.”

“Cute, but that’s a temporary solution at best, and pretty much one only used by five-year-old boys to keep from wetting their pants; as adults, people tend to look at you funny if you walk around holding your dick crimped like a garden hose.”

They both laughed, even though I wasn’t really kidding. Tori continued, “When Lynn brings your drink you can drink it all then pee in the bottle.”

“First, that never works; been there, tried that, spectacular failure. If you’re lucky you might get eighty or ninety percent; the opening in a beer or water bottle is just too small. Second, it would have to be a damn big bottle, because I need to piss like a racehorse.”

Lynn was almost hopping on one foot, she had to go so bad, which was pretty much the way I felt too. The beer wanted to complete its journey. She turned toward the bathroom. “We’ll figure it out when I get back.”

“Lynn, wait…!” She ignored me and disappeared into the bathroom, but Tori bounced off the bed, stripped off her remaining clothes, and headed for the hall.

“I’ll go find something.” She paused, then turned back and reached down between her legs for a moment before laughing, “Jeez, Tim, I’ve got cum running down both legs! You are a juicy boy, aren’t you?”

I had been right in my guess; her pussy was smooth and bare and apparently dripping. “Yeah, Tori, just untie me, okay?”

She shook her head. “Nope. Be right back.”

Then she was gone too, and I was left alone, trying hard to think of anything except my bursting bladder – unsuccessfully, I might add. Thinking about it only made it worse, of course, and it felt like I was reaching critical mass by the time Tori came bouncing back in – and I use the word ‘bouncing’ to describe her because the way she walks maximizes the bounce of those bodacious titties. I’m pretty sure it’s a well-rehearsed effect. At that moment, astonishingly, I didn’t care at all.

She was carrying an empty plastic half-gallon milk jug she’d pulled from the recycle bin. I shook my head. “Again, Tori, even though it’s a bigger bottle, the opening is still too small. Major messy.”

“No problem, I thought of that.” She proudly whipped her other hand out from behind her back, displaying a wicked looking paring knife.

As much as one can when tied hand and foot, naked and vulnerable, I recoiled. “What are you going to do with that?”

“Well, whittle your cock down so it will fit into the opening, obviously!”

“Jesus, Tori!” I yelled for help. “Lynn!”

She giggled and then stabbed the knife viciously into the upper part of the bottle. “Oh, just relax, you big baby! I’m going to cut the top off the bottle off so the opening is larger.”

“Yeah, well you’re lucky I didn’t just piss myself! You have a nasty sense of humor,” I laughed, “vicious, even, but pretty damn funny.”

Lynn returned as Tori finished cutting the top from the bottle, leaving about a four-inch opening. She took in what was happening before speaking. “Did you just call me?”

“Yeah, I did. Keep her away from me with that knife!”

Tori giggled. “I threatened to neuter him and use his ball sack for a change purse. I figure it will hold a good twenty or thirty bucks in loose change.”

“Actually, she threatened to whittle my dick down so it would fit in the bottle.”

Lynn was laughing, enjoying herself far too much at my expense. “Both perfectly workable ideas, I think. Good to see you two getting along so well.”

“If you say so. We’ll get along even better when she gets over here with that jug so I can pee – or, alternatively, you could just untie me. Damn, I’m dying here, ladies.”

Tori obligingly bounced up onto the bed and slid up between my legs so that she could lift my dick and point it down into the bottle. “Need me to aim for you?”

“This is all new to me too, but yeah, I guess, and I usually pull my foreskin back a little to make it easier.”

She very obligingly did that, and I focused on letting down, not easy when you’ve been holding it in for so long and are trying to overcome a lifetime of NOT peeing when you’re lying in bed. It wasn’t happening, despite the intense pressure.

Perhaps thirty seconds passed before Tori said, “Well?”

“I’m trying!”

“Try harder.”

“That won’t help.”

Lynn sat near my head and stroked my cheek and neck. “Just relax and go – close your eyes.”

I tried that, but again, nothing; not a drop. I opened my eyes and saw both of them staring at my cock. “I can’t do this lying down, with her holding onto my dick and both of you staring at me. It’s not working; you need to untie me.”

Tori shook her head. “Not after I went to all this trouble! Try again.”

I sighed, but tried again, my belly aching with pressure. Again, nothing, and I laughed with frustration. “Fuck! I need to go so bad, but it just won’t. This is weird as hell, and embarrassing.”

“If we had one, we could stick a catheter in you.”

“Tori, that idea just makes me clench up more! If you’re trying to be helpful, you’re not too good at it.”

Lynn laughed. “Sshhh! You’re just suffering a case of bashful bladder. Here, close your eyes again.” When I had, she said, “Okay, relax. Listen to me and don’t think of anything else. Think of a clear mountain stream, babbling over the rocks, flowing along downhill; of a hose being turned on and the water gushing out of the end of it. Open your mind and banish all other thoughts; think of peace and quiet, and now envision water flowing over a dam and churning in a frothy cauldron below, or rainwater pouring from a downspout…”

Astonishingly, her amateur Zen pee-coaching was working; I could feel myself relaxing, my pelvic muscles loosening, and the pressure beginning to travel the usual paths. I heard a few drops tap one-by-one into the plastic bottle, then the trickle of a tiny stream which slowly strengthened into a steady flow, and then full fire hose, pissing merrily away. I sighed in relief as the pressure in my bladder slowly diminished.

Tori was sill dutifully holding my cock, aiming it into the bottle as she kept my foreskin pulled back. She giggled. “I’ve never aimed one of these things before; I can see where this could be pretty handy.”

I sighed. “It is, and thank you.”

“No problem, the least I could do. Hey, next winter will you help me write my name in the snow? I’ve always been jealous of you guys ‘cause you can do that.”

I was still peeing merrily; now it was starting to get embarrassing for another reason, the fact that it didn’t appear I would ever stop! “Sure, no problem. Buy me a six-pack and my bladder and dick are at your disposal.”

“Deal! My full name is Victoria Alexandra MacAllister.”

“Hmm, better buy me a case – oh, and on a day when it’s not too awfully cold and you have warm hands. Hard to write when the pencil is only an inch long.”

They both giggled as my bladder finally finished emptying and the flow diminished to a trickle and then a series of drops. They watched, then Tori asked, “What do I do now?”

“You know how you do when you give a blowjob, after the guy comes, the way you squeeze his cock and milk it from base to tip to get that last delicious drop?” I was half-teasing her, but I knew it was a reference she’d be familiar with; she didn’t disappoint me.

“Yeah? That’s all, just wring that last little bit out of you?”

“Pretty much.”

“I can do that.” She did, draining the last few drops. “Now what?”

“Shake it a few times and tuck it back in my pants – or at least that’s what I do when I’m wearing pants.”

She shook the last little bit off of me. “How many times can you shake it before you’re just playing with it?”

Lynn, still watching, laughed. So did I. “Two more, but go ahead; don’t let that stop you.”

She didn’t go for the additional shakes, instead setting the bottle holding at least a quart of fairly clear, pale, and still warm urine aside and grabbing a Kleenex from the box on the nightstand. She carefully dabbed and wiped away the last trace of pee from the head of my penis, even skinning back my foreskin and cleaning up the remaining traces of cum and her sweet pussy juices from our earlier fun. I was astonished by her skillful attention and gentle touch, and by the fact that her clit was large and erect and her nipples were rigid with arousal.

I felt a thousand percent better, and Lynn was sitting alongside me giving me a slow, gentle, but thorough ball massage, so that definitely added to my overall sense of well-being. They gave me a drink of water from a bottle we shared, and then allowed me another beer as they plotted how best to wring another orgasm from me.

Tori offered, “We could untie his feet and pull them up and tie them to the headboard, and I can go get my big strap-on and drill his ass. That’ll make him squirt, I’ll bet.”

Lynn laughed at the horrified look on my face. “Maybe next time. I do have a pretty skinny little vibrator we could use, though, even in this position.”

We’d played with that before, and it had been fun; I didn’t find that proposal nearly as intimidating. As Lynn dug in her nightstand for the toy, Tori looked at me. “I’m still very intrigued by the fact that you’ll go down on Lynn after you come in her. Will you do that for me?”

The idea of her smooth, wet little pussy in my mouth, with her puffy lips and visibly aroused clit, sent the right signals to my groin. The fact that she’d asked rather than just plunking her cum-filled sex onto my helpless face seemed to signal a new era of civility as well, and I nodded. “I thought you’d never ask.”

She smiled happily and scrambled up to lower herself to my lips, reverse-cowgirl. She had probably lost most of my semen already, with all of her running around, but her pussy was still slowly leaking cum and her upper thighs and labia were smeared with glistening white streaks. Her puffy, full lips were a beautiful pink, and her aroused clit was eager and ready, and when her bottom settled happily on my face I enthusiastically burrowed in, tongue searching eagerly.

She tasted of me, and of herself, very different from Lynn but no less arousing. It was sweet and musky and wet and glorious, and Lynn, my cock in one hand and the other teasing my ass with her vibrator, commented on my response. “Wow, he likes that! Look at him getting thicker already, that’s amazing!”

I licked at her hard clit, wishing my cock was half as erect and heard her moan loudly in response. “Mmm, god, Tim! That’s so incredibly sexy and nasty. Make me come.”

I nodded, “Mmm-hmmm,” and I did, sucking her hard clitty and soft lips and licking my cream from her steaming pussy. She ground herself into my face and I felt her body stiffen and shudder through a powerful orgasm as she cried out, her back arching and her nails digging into my chest.

Thanks to Tori’s horny enthusiasm and Lynn’s skillful play, I was hard enough now that Lynn mounted me and settled her wet pussy against my cock, trapping my growing shaft between my belly and her sex. Her name for this was ‘the cameltoe slide’, and we both loved it. For her, it allowed her to stroke her hard clit and sensitive pussy lips against the thick ridge on the underside of my cock, setting her own pace and pressure, and it invariably gave her tremendous orgasms.

For me, it simply felt amazing to have the soft ‘V’ of her sex formed over my throbbing shaft as she slid on me, and I got to watch her masturbate herself using me as a prop, often until I came all over my own chest and tummy. The slender vibrator she continued to prod my ass with seemed sure to speed things along.

This time, of course, I didn’t get to watch because Tori’s perfect little ass was on my face, but that was fine with me; it still felt amazing, and I knew Tori was watching and getting off on it too. She came again, as did Lynn soon after. We settled into a rhythm, Lynn gliding on me as she reached back and fondled my balls and thrust her toy up my ass; I felt Tori’s fingers on the head of my cock, playing with it and with my foreskin each time Lynn moved backward, and I was pretty sure she was fingering Lynn’s clit as well.

I know Lynn was playing with Tori’s nipples, because I heard her say, “That’s it… oh god, yes! Pinch them harder! Ohhh, fuck yes…”

I lasted quite awhile – my fourth time, I damn well should, even with a buzzing rectum – and had the pleasure of hearing each of them enjoy several orgasms. Eventually, though, I felt myself getting close, and then I was there and I felt a burst of hot cum spurt across my chest as I came. Lynn leaned forward and rose up, taking me into her for the rest, the way we often finished that act, and she came again as I entered her and slid deeply inside.

After all of the fireworks ended and the various moans, cries, and verbalizations faded, we all collapsed in a wet, cum-covered, sweaty heap. Lynn extracted her vibrator from my ass and they untied me, each of them taking a hand and a foot, and I wiped the remains of my load and Tori’s juices from my face onto the sheet. This time when one of them snuggled up on each side of me I was able to put an arm around them and pull them close.

None of us spoke for several minutes, and then Lynn rubbed her hand across my chest and said, “That didn’t work out too badly for you, did it?”

I laughed softly. “No, it was great. You can tie me up anytime if you can make that kind of magic happen.”

Tori burrowed more deeply against my side. “That was fun. I haven’t come like that in… well… ever.”

We laughed, and I pulled her against me. “You seem to have gotten over Mark pretty quickly.”


Lynn, laughing, rose up on one elbow to look at her. “Mark, your boyfriend; remember him?”

She giggled. “Oh yeah! Old dinky dick. Yup, he was pretty forgettable. Spineless wimp, he’d do anything I told him to just to get laid.” She went silent for a moment, becoming serious. “That was really good, Tim; you’re kind of sweet, and a good sport. I’m sorry I’ve been so nasty to you.”

“De nada; I was just as bad. It’s how we got along, Tori.”

“Yeah, but I feel like we have a bond now; I’ve never held any other guy’s dick while he peed.”

I laughed and agreed, saying, “True, that is a deeply touching and intimate moment, definitely not something I share with many… or any, for that matter. I really appreciate your help.” I paused, then plunged; my curiosity wouldn’t allow me to let it pass. “Can I ask you guys something? Are you two both bi?”

Lynn wriggled against me, as if hesitant to answer, but said, “Yes, but just with each other; I’ve never been with any other woman.”

Tori agreed. “Me either, just Lynn.”

“Babe, how come you never told me?”

“Well, I wasn’t sure how you’d feel about it, especially since you and Tori never got along.”

“Just so you know, I think it’s hot as hell, especially when I get to be a part of it, or at least watch.”

Tori sighed. “It did add a lot to it, having your willing tongue and big cock available. I’m game for trying this again if you two are.”

At the same time, both Lynn and I said, “Absolutely!” and we all laughed.

Lynn said, “Often, I hope.”

“All the time,” I agreed, and Tori smiled happily.

“I guess I won’t miss old what’s-his-name after all. Tim, you turned out to be a really cool guy, and fun too. I love that you’re so adventurous.”

“Thanks. You too, Tori. I’m glad we got a chance to know each other better.”

She laughed. “You know, when I first met you I thought you were a total jerk, with a stick up your ass as big as a redwood tree.”

“Sequoia. We could start our own forest.”

She turned and looked at me. “What?”

“Umm, nothing. Never mind.” I smiled, an exhausted, contented drowsiness drifting over me, very pleased and proud to be flanked by two such gorgeous, sexy, incredible women. It had turned out to be a very memorable night.

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